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Maria Guardala
Ariana Rodriguez

Architecture & Design interviewed Crone Architects Ariana Rodriguez and Maria Guardala on our 230 Sussex Street development.

Architects Ariana Rodriguez and Maria Guardala at Crone Architects spoke to Architecture & Design and explained how the key to the success of the partnership was the complementary skillset of the two associates.

In 2016, Crone Architects won a design excellence competition for 230 Sussex Street with associate, Ariana Rodriguez leading the design. The vision for the landmark site integrated the existing heritage-listed Foley Brothers Warehouse with a new tower and incorporated serviced apartments and residential.

The adjacent heritage warehouse will be adapted to host a striking courtyard and lobby for the building, creating a focal point while activating the heart of the Meriton development. Ariana’s fellow associate, Maria Guardala is the project architect and together with Rodriguez, led the team throughout the detailed design and construction stages.

When responding to the design competition, a key challenge for the team was also to respond to the local context and ensure their concept design enhanced the value of the existing heritage building. This was done through seamlessly blending past and present, ensuring a strong connection between the heritage warehouse and the new tower together with references to the streetscape.

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