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05 Journal
Sandra Furtado

Sydney One aims to strengthen Sydney’s position as a global city and a great place to live.

This is a generational opportunity for Sydney to unlock the APDG precinct as a new cultural and creative precinct and transform the Circular Quay promenade into a lively and highly engaging public space.

The proposed master plan seeks to unlock the redevelopment of an area of extreme significance in the context of Sydney’s CBD. Once realised, Sydney One will become a new pedestrian gateway to the centre of the city block and to city’s business district.

The proposed development is comprised of two towers: a Premium Residential Tower and a Luxury Hotel. The project is committed to produce the highest standard of architectural, urban, environmental and landscape design. The public domain and through-site link will incorporate high quality public art as a place making instrument to revitalise the precinct as the part of the Circular Quay special area.

Sydney One will seek to achieve design excellence and contribute to the increasing quality of the city’s skyline; it will strengthen Sydney’s global reputation and give the city a rejuvenated quarter with exceptional public spaces and inspiring buildings. It will prioritise the public realm and everyday experience for inhabitants and visitors. It will be of its place, a design that promotes Sydney’s diversity, climate and lifestyle and becomes part of Sydney’s heritage in the future.

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