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Manila Bay Hotel


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At Manila Bay, the Carlson Group sought to add two hotels to their portfolio: A 5-star Radisson Blu and a 3.5-Star Park Inn.

The site offered beautiful views across Manila Bay with the opportunity to view “post-card” sunsets over the water towards the west.

For the Radisson Blu, Crone developed a pixelated facade screen to maximise the views whilst minimising westerly sun impact on hotel rooms. This facade echos the colours of Manila Bay and acts as a sun screen to reduce the heat loads on the building. A gentle wave in the shape of the building both maximises the number of rooms with direct views of the harbour, and creates a softer building form that relates to the sea.


Manila Bay


Detailed Design

Site Area



40,326m² (Radisson Blu); 14,449m² (Park Inn)




276 (Radisson Blu); 629 (Park Inn)

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