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The Connection - Rhodes

Masterplanning, Hospitality, Interior, Public

Image: Tom Ferguson 1/ 16

The Connection – Rhodes is a 2,000sqm community precinct on the Rhodes Peninsula with Crone winning the project through a competitive design process in 2014.

Rhodes is currently one of the fastest growing suburbs in NSW, accommodating a population of around 14,000 residents and 8,000 local workers, so with this rapid growth and population trend there was a growing need for community facilities, services and active open spaces to foster positive interaction between diverse communities.

Crone’s design re-envisions the community hall and civic space typology.  Rather than proposing a single building, the design response separates the building programs into four distinct pavilions which house a variety of program including an e-resource centre and learning space, digital gallery, multi-purpose and event space, community meeting rooms, training spaces, playgroups, cafe/restaurant.

Crone responded to the varied requirements of each program in relation to views, light, permeability, privacy and flexibility, which informed the arrangement of the pavilions and their external treatment/porosity.  All four buildings share consistent, simple material palettes and a common architectural language but each is unique in its design and the internal spaces have their own individual style appropriate to their use.

By separating the program, Crone opened up the site to pedestrian desire lines and created multiple interfaces between the internal and themed external environments and integrated public art.  The buildings are arranged in such a way that they create an intimate central events  and water play space – a public square in continuous dialogue with all programs of the community precinct and the waterfront. This rich network has created an optimistic, playful, sustainable and more inviting public destination for the Rhodes community.


Rhodes, NSW


Completed 2017



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