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175 Liverpool Street

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175 Liverpool presents a great opportunity for a lavish residential offering on an iconic site.

Floor-to-floor heights over 3,350mm provide for generous ceiling heights; Crone proposes replacing the concrete facade panelling with a new skin of transparent frameless glass to let in light and the extraordinary views over Hyde Park to the north and the City skyline to the south. Winter Gardens along the perimeter create airy outlooks, facilitate environmentally friendly climate control and maximise space for the residents. Slots cut into the floor slabs increase cross-ventilation and natural light to apartments and common corridors. The new core configurations allow each half of the building to have its own identity and deliver a boutique feel to the residences.
Crone’s Planning Policy analysis found that the yield from adaptive-reuse substantially exceeds any demolish-and-rebuild option.


Sydney CBD, NSW


Design Analysis




450 approx (if developed)

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