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338 Pitt Street

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Our proposal seeks to connect the active character of Sydney’s CBD with the picturesque, visual engagement with Sydney Harbour, celebrating both the sinuous coastline and the adjacent urban grid.

Designed from the ground up, our proposal softens the urban site through flowing, weaving street walls that echo the forms of Sydney’s meandering shoreline. By establishing laneways of distinct character and guiding pedestrians to a grand urban room, a new destination is added to the Business District. The result is an urban village whose mix of uses creates 24-hour activity. The generosity of public space maximizes opportunities for landscape and public art. These features contribute to a sense of place, locating a special address for residents, hotel guests, shoppers, and passers by.

The high-performance design of the tower form derives from the optimization of daylight to interior apartments. Also, direct north-eastern views to Sydney Harbour are made possible by the elliptical plan. The individual units, the building blocks of the tower, generate panoramic views. The organic rippled plan, along with the residential amenity terraces and the green balconies help to break down the scale of the tower. When seen from the park, the building appears as a supple object made of multiple elements, rather than a single imposing volume.

Design Team

Crone, KPF, ABA


Sydney, NSW


Competition Submission 2018


Hans Group

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