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375 Pitt St Hotel

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This design will deliver so much more than just a vibrant addition to Sydney’s hotel scene, it will provide a new City lane and extensive street activation in one of the most lively precincts in Mid-Town.

The 35-storey recycled brick tower sits proud above the thriving precinct in Sydney’s Mid-CBD. The transparent, multi-storey podium features a new City private laneway, creating a new urban precinct with the lobby for the hotel above in which hospitality, retail and workplace are all highly visible, immediately connecting the building to the street, the future hotel guests and thousands of passers-by. Visual and wayfinding connections will be reinforced by the imposing presence of a new public art proposal from Studio Chris Fox whose massive Interloop installation at Sydney’s Wynyard Station delights thousands of commuters every day.

Crone has crafted a new 35-storey hotel with over 300 rooms, on a mixed use podium with a private laneway creation and activation. The hotel will immediately resonate with those seeking true experiential connections with the City in which they are staying as well as the opportunity to be at one with local scene. The recycled brick materiality of the podium and tower reference the historic Brickfield Hill brickworks of the Pitt Street area which provided the construction materials for Old Sydney Town for decades. Some industrial brick structures still exist in the Southern Sydney CBD, however there are many important examples of outstanding Art Deco architecture which features brick, notably the Primus Hotel (Water Board Building). The podium and private laneway of 375 Pitt Street negotiates the scale of the tower above to a more human and intimate scale – the design emphasises verticality and transparency through brick framed glazing on three levels and strategic use of mezzanines to flood the interior spaces with light. Versatile areas for retail, hospitality and seamless connection with the new enlarged laneway is a feature of the ground floor – and above there is an artful delineation of the public and hotel spaces in the upper floors of the podium, providing lobby, lounges and co-working space for the hotel. All of this is visible from every vantage point, merging the experience of the hotel with the experience of the City.


Sydney, NSW


Development Application approved 2020


Rebel Property Group, Everest Property

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