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Kamay Botany Bay National Park Visitor Centre

Meeting Place Perspective - Image by Playtime 1/ 7

One Tree, Many Branches, One Place, Many Stories

Welcome to Kamay (Botany Bay), land of the D’harawal peoples and their kin including the Gweagal and Bidjigal who have cared for this Country for millennia.

As we work here with Country we acknowledge the enduring spirit of Kundel, the native wild carrot, and the stories that live on in this place (now called Kurnell). We pay our respects to our Ancestors and Elders; it is on their shoulders that we stand as we work with Country to continue our stories and songlines for the generations of descendants who will come after us.

Ngeeyinee bulima nandiritah
(May you always see the beauty of this earth)
Shannon Foster
D’harawal Kamay Registered Traditional Owner

We draw on our common connections to Country to hear and understand the many diverse stories and experiences of this place acknowledging that it is Country that unites us and brings us together.

Our project is grounded in the concept that we gather together under a shared cultural canopy, to learn and understand the many stories of this Country and the people who have shaped this place. Drawing on the guiding principles of the spirit of Dhai’mun that gathers us together and shelters us, we aim to bring all of the stories of this place together as one cohesive understanding of Country and the learning journey we take as we walk this place.





Kamay Botany Bay National Park


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