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One Circular Quay

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One Circular Quay will become one of Australia’s most luxurious destinations.

This Sydney development will become one of Australia’s most luxurious hotel and residential locations. Crone and KKAA collaborated to design a sculptured form for One Circular Quay Hotel that slowly pixelates, breaking down the scale of the building creating a more human-scale at the lower levels. Combining local sandstone, cascading green walls and large windows with Harbour views, the vegetation along these pixelated terraces will soften the appearance of hard edges creating a connection to First Fleet Park opposite the building.

The design prioritises the public realm and everyday experience, creating a pedestrian gateway to Sydney’s business district, unlocking a new cultural and creative precinct and transforming Circular Quay. The design promotes Sydney’s diversity, climate and lifestyle and is destined to become part of Sydney’s heritage in the future.


Hotel - Crone with KKAA


Residential - Kerry Hill Architects


Crone & Stack Studio


Circular Quay, Sydney

Site Area


Hotel Levels

26 + 6 Basements






Under Construction

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